About the Kit

Your worm and soil kit will include three clear bags with colored stickers for soil and one dark bag for the worms. Check out the pictures and description below for details!


3 Bags for Soil 

Three soil samples will be collected from different locations in your yard, and then placed in the correctly colored bag.

  1. Green Dot Bag- Collect this sample from near the street.
  2. Orange Dot Bag- Collect this sample from the yard (recommended to be collected from the middle of the yard).
  3. Pink Dot Bag- Collect this sample from the dripline, either near the house's gutters or around a foot away from the house.
1 Bag for Worms

The black bag is where you will collect worms from your yard. This bag allows for the worms to dry out.

Please collect 5-15 worms in this bag.

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